I wrote about perspective recently; it reminded me of a saying I used to tell my students: Every day above ground is a good one. This little motto helps me stay grounded by keeping many things in perspective for me. For example, yesterday someone, anywhere, had plans for a vacation, was going to attend a graduation, or was looking forward to retirement. This morning, they simply did not wake up. Yesterday has passed, tomorrow is not promised, so live every day as if it will be your last.

Always remind your loved ones you are there for them, be a friend to someone in need. It is amazing what a simple smile or gesture, such as holding the door for someone, can do to brighten a person’s day. You never know what a person might be going through or what pains they may feel, but a stranger’s smile can bring about a warmth they can last for the rest of the day.

We have all walked past someone, maybe a coworker or a stranger, and told them good morning. Their reply was either a scowl or smart remark, such as “what is so good about it?” How does this affect you for the rest of the day? You begin to have negative feelings, and this can spread like a cancer through the organization because you pass those feelings to the next person. Kindness goes a long way, and it costs nothing but a little bit of time. Almost 40 years later I still remember my elementary school’s motto (North Drive, Goldsboro, NC): courtesy is contagious, spread it. There is already too much negativity in this world, stop the chain at you.