Retired Soldier for Life

Like countless men and women before me, I was a Soldier. I only enlisted for four years…how did it end being over two and a half decades?

From the first step I took out of a perfectly good airplane to the villages of Honduras, on top of the Haditha Dam to the mountains of Kabul, the Korean DMZ to the frigidness of Bosnia and everywhere in-between, I’ve had the pleasure to experience countless other cultures which, in turn, gave me a perspective that most are not lucky enough to possess. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I’ve held the hands of Soldiers as they breathed their last, ensured others returned to their families, and did the best I could the make my piece of the organization better; I’ve witnessed mankind at its worst and, simultaneously, at its best in the same situations. I made mistakes, a good decision now and then, but every choice I made has placed me in the here and now…I have no regrets.

Now it is time to take those first steps into an unknown future; I cannot wait to experience what life holds for me. Thank you all for your support. Here’s to the comrades we will never forget and the situations we wish we could.

Aaron Stone Retirement Dress Blues Retirement Soldier for Life